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Društvo ustvarjalcev TAKA TUKA
As the driving force in both local and international initiatives, TAKA TUKA champions the transformative power of drama for social inclusion. Through dynamic workshops, enlightening conferences, vibrant festivals, and impactful exchanges, they have kindled a passion for inclusion among students, educators, and youth workers. A special focus has been on nurturing teachers and teaching assistants, equipping them with drama-based tools to foster an inclusive atmosphere.

With a heart for education and a dedication to inclusion, TAKA TUKA Society is the guiding star of the ACIIS Project, illuminating pathways to enriched learning for all.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Center for Pedagogical Education
A distinguished cornerstone of education since 1919, the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana stands tall as a founding member of the University of Ljubljana. This faculty holds the noble mission of harmonizing pedagogical theory with practice, nurturing future educators with modern, active, and practice-driven methodologies. Their dedication shines through a commitment to quality, up-to-date pedagogical training across all educational stages.

With a legacy of excellence and a drive for innovation, they are an invaluable partner, elevating the ACIIS Project's journey towards holistic success.
Teatar Tirena
At the core of Tirena's mission is the utilization of drama and theatre techniques to shape active citizens, responsible individuals, and critical thinkers among students. They stand as a guidepost for new generations of educators eager to infuse drama methods into their teaching. Tirena is a potent force in Croatia's policy-making arena, championing drama pedagogy.

Teatar Tirena illuminates the project with their passion for education, drama, and societal impact. As a guiding light in Croatia's educational landscape, they empower teachers, enrich curricula, and amplify inclusion through the transformative art of drama and theatre.
Innocamp embarks on a mission to cultivate, integrate, and educate local and global talent, shaping their endeavors through the prism of Innovation Pedagogy. Their pursuit involves training upcoming educators and catalysts of change, spearheading research and innovation initiatives to foster inclusive and student-co-designed learning. They craft a communal learning environment, rooted in the belief that sustainable education is the paramount catalyst for personal and systemic transformation. Their focus lies in methodologies that invigorate learning through collaborative creativity and appreciative inquiry.
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education
Distinguished not only in education but also in research, the Faculty of Teacher Education at the University of Zagreb radiates excellence. Within its walls reside experts in inclusive education and the application of drama to empower students with special needs. The Faculty extends its dedication through continuous professional development programs for primary school educators. Their treasure trove of knowledge encompasses inclusive education, didactics, and curriculum design. Collaboratively, they will shape the course curriculum, teaching materials, and activities tailored to students with unique needs.
University College of Teacher Education Vienna
The University College of Teacher Education Vienna takes center stage as Austria's largest teacher training institution. Renowned for its extensive program of primary and vocational teacher professional development, PHW excels in training educators across various disciplines, with a distinct focus on arts and expression-oriented fields. Collaborating with over 90 European partner universities, PHW is dedicated to amplifying its international academic presence and supporting the global endeavors of its academic staff.

Their influence enriches the ACIIS Project, fortifying it with an international perspective and a commitment to educational empowerment.
University of Primorska, Faculty of Education
The University of Primorska, Faculty of Education shines as a pinnacle of higher education, where educational, scientific research, and artistic pursuits flourish within the realm of educational sciences. Nestled within its halls are numerous study programs dedicated to teacher education. Aligned with the KLASIUS classification, UP SI's expertise spans the fields of teacher training, education science, arts, and the humanities. This institution has forged 69 international and 17 national agreements, and it actively participates in international associations, as well as networks of European, regional, and national universities.
The Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities
The Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, known as JSKD, stands as a dynamic enabler of active creativity and cultural enrichment.

Through its diverse programs, JSKD fuels personal growth, cultural integration, and lifelong learning. It champions cultural education and amplifies competencies, skills, and talents. As a bedrock of professional, organizational, and financial support, JSKD places a strong emphasis on quality counseling, education, events, publishing activities, targeted project co-financing, and global connections.

JSKD, emerges as an instrumental partner in steering the ACIIS Project toward advocacy, sustainability, and impactful policy change. Their robust network and commitment to cultural enrichment add a unique dimension to the project's success.
St. Stanislav’s Institution
Situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia, St. Stanislav's Institution, stands as a sprawling hub of education. This institution encompasses a rich array of learning environments, including a kindergarten, primary and general secondary schools, a boarding school, a university dorm, and a music school. With over 1500 students and a dedicated staff of more than 250, the institution is a vibrant center of learning.

St. Stanislav's Institution adds depth and diversity to the ACIIS Project with their expansive educational offerings, their steadfast commitment to growth, and their comprehensive approach to nurturing educators and students alike.
School for Education and Training – Pula
Founded in 1958, School for Education and Training – Pula stands as a stalwart institution in special education. Embracing a rich legacy, it comprises both a primary school and a vocational secondary school. The school's mission revolves around introducing innovative educational programs tailored to children with special needs.

School for Education and Training actively fosters collaboration with other special education institutions, striving to bridge the gap between special and mainstream education. Their involvement in projects and local events underscores their commitment to growth and integration.
Istituto Comprensivo W.A. Mozart
Nestled near Rome's seaside, Istituto Comprensivo W.A. Mozart has served as a primary and secondary school since 1975.

I.C. W.A. Mozart's strength resides in its wide spectrum of national and international projects, spanning both curricular and extracurricular domains. These ventures utilize innovative methodologies like CLIL and English courses to bolster language proficiency, while stimulating activities such as ACTING clubs and tuitions enhance self-confidence.

Istituto Comprensivo W.A. Mozart brings its dynamic expertise, pioneering methodologies, and deep commitment to inclusion to the ACIIS Project, enriching the collective journey towards innovative and inclusive education.